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    My Third Book, ‘The Alignment of the Universe: Messages From Other Worlds’ (Ingram Spark) has been re-edited and re-released under my own label! Available online for $17.99.  For a signed copy of old stock at the sale price of $12.00 please message me through this site or at

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    My healing room has moved to Wynyard!

    I will be taking appointments on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4-6 pm and Saturday mornings in the Champagne Realty building.

    Call me on 0417581107 to book or to discuss other appointment arrangements.

    On Saturday 4th February I went live on Spiritual Events and Directory! I talked about Ascension, read from my books and facilitated a meditation. You can view it on my Facebook page

    This Month’s Channelling is from: Master Kathumi


    The way of the Third Dimensional human world is to condemn, judge and criticise. It is to make a mockery of others in order to save face and to achieve greatness at the expense of others; one can only look at the current US presidential election as a perfect example of this. However, ego is merely an illusion and a trickery of human existence which can create a very low vibration, and glorifying the importance of self will never allow the world to rise in ascension and to achieve oneness.

    Life in the physical world is heavy and dense and the only way many humans can maintain their mental and emotional bodies is to lay blame on others and to steal their light. However, in doing so, their own energies become blocked, dense and very heavy, and they become very negative and often very unhealthy people. Yes, the weight of the baggage of the past in the mental and emotional bodies can become far too much for the physical body and it will begin to break down. If the person has become so negative that their thoughts and words are toxic, their physical body will carry these vibrations and serious diseases can occur.

    Beloveds, if you were to pass over tonight, how would you like to be remembered? What would you have liked to achieve in your life and what would you be grateful for? Would you be proud of yourself or would you feel ashamed. Could you claim to have lived your life to the full, striving to achieve your full potential by making the most of every opportunity, or would you feel that you had wasted it? You are powerful co-creators and every thought you have can change your reality. Just by changing your perspective you can change your life.

    Remember who you are, Dear Ones. Remember that there is more to living on Earth that doing and creating that which serves little purpose than to create karma and unpleasant memories. I ask you today to look beyond your ego and see the world around you from a higher perspective .See the world with love and everything will change around you.

    I AM Master Kathumi

    Channelled by Victoria Cochrane







  • I am excited to announce that the book is out in print $14.99 and eBook $6.99 format.

  • Beyond Ascension 2012: Universal Truths is the sequel to Raising the Energies of Mother EarthTowards and After Ascension 2012:The highest truth.

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  • “Raising the Energies of Mother Earth

    Towards and After Ascension 2012: The highest truth (Cochrane, 2013, Balboa Press).

    “Beyond Ascension 2012: The Highest Truth (Cochrane, 2013, Balboa Press).

    “The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds (Cochrane, 2015, Ingram Spark).

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  • I would like to let anyone who is considering working with Victoria; GO FOR IT! She is absolutely a genuine channel and clairvoyant and very wise. Her hands make my body hot and tingly as she heals my pain. Read her channelled books; they are lovely and wise. Victoria was recommended to me by my chiropractor when I burst into tears in his office. I was suffering from grief and C-PTSD and regular panic attacks. My life was in tatters. Victoria helped me to release a partner who I was in a toxic, co-dependent relationship.Victoria has given me the courage to say enough, and stand up for myself. She also helped me feel better about going no contact with my narcissistic alcoholic mother and enabling and controlling father … It has been THE most difficult time of my life and not surprising … I have Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon … with the Supermoon in Aries and Black Moon Scorpio, my whole world was given a WHACK! I was so stressed out and anxious I could barely function like a human being.

    I have had a few sessions with Victoria now. The first one gave me closure with my dear brother who passed on, who came through to congratulate me for finally standing up for myself and start to love myself unconditionally. She also helped me to clear up karmic contracts from previous lives and agreements and to cut ties with negative people and family members still in my life, and to remove psychic attacks and drains on me. The second session she started clearing my chakras and did a very clear reading for me. The message to write again is coming through again and again, so I hope to work with Victoria on writing about overcoming C-PTSD and abuse.

    The final session was on the eve of the Super Full Moon in Taurus (the biggest supermoon in 75 years) and she did miracles. I had been unable to breathe after a terrible argument and break up with my ex … and had no will to live. In one session she pulled out so much YUCK from my body, soul and mind … I felt much much lighter afterwards.

    Without Victoria I would not have got through this very difficult time. She has even given me free sessions, trusting I will pay her when I have the money. I did manage to pay her for some, and I intend to continue working with her in the future if she is! I know I have a lot of ‘stuff’.

    Thank you Victoria, you are an angel!

    Love Harriet




Please contact me if you wish to book a reading or healing. I do not give free consultations or answers.


  • Victoria Cochrane is an Advanced Theta (TM) Healer and Reiki Master who connects with Divine Energy to witness powerful healings, channel messages from spirit and to give accurate psychic readings. She reads Tarot and Angel cards, can connect to passed over loved ones and return to people’s past lives to affect healings that then allow them to be healed in this life.Victoria can perform readings and healings either face-to-face or remotely, over the phone or on Skype. She is warm, friendly, compassionate and approachable.Victoria has channelled and published two books from the Masters of the Cosmic Council (available from online distributors). She teaches Spiritual Development Courses, runs a meditation group and works at psychic fairs and natural therapy expos. Click her name above to read her story.