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  • My Third Book, ‘The Alignment of the Universe: Messages From Other Worlds’ ($14.99, Ingram Spark) has been released for distribution and is now available online! For a signed copy please message me through this site or at

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    An Evening With Victoria

    I am available to attend your meditation group or spiritual event to facilitate meditations, read from my books, tutor or mentor you on your spiritual journey, teach you how to do chakra activations, give readings…

    $40 pp plus travel costs. (Evenings only Mon-Thurs, Circular Head—Devonport, Fridays and Saturdays all day, will travel to Launceston).

    What’s On This Month?

    Tasmanian Psychic Expos

    Launceston: Fri 8th – Sun 10th JAN, 2016,  Hotel Grand Chancellor,  Cameron St.

    Devonport: Sat 16th – Sun 17th JAN, 2016,  Devonport RSL,  18 Macfie St.

    Rocky Cape Lion’s Health and Wellbeing Expo and Market

    January 24th at the

    Rocky Cape Tavern

    Market: 8.30-1.00

    Expo: 9.30-4.00

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    This Month’s Channelling is from: Master Kathumi

    Greetings and many blessings for the year to come. May it be a fruitful and prosperous one for you.

    For many humans, the New Year is a time for resolving to change their habits and lifestyle towards being healthier, thinner or happier. Any decision to change is admirable, because any change brings about consequences that impact upon others as well as oneself, and these can be both positive and negative as well as challenging. Any change made to alter behaviour in order to improve one’s wellbeing and lifestyle is a change in vibration and some people cope better than others. Many people lack commitment and soon revert back to their old ways, comfortable in the knowledge that perhaps they can try again next year. Others have the drive and determination but lack the resources, such as money or knowledge, to truly implement the change they have been looking for. No matter how small the change may be, success will only be achieved when alterations are made in all four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and on the subconscious as well as conscious level.

    The most common New Year’s resolutions are to either lose weight or to give up smoking, but they can also include making more time to spend with family, taking that long thought-about holiday or saving more money. The driving force behind most resolutions is unhappiness with an aspect of self or of one’s life, but if the person were to dig deeper into the reasons behind wanting change it would most likely be lack of self-love, self-worth and self-confidence. Deeper below that would be anxiety about how other people see them and a sense of disconnection and of not belonging. These deep feelings and beliefs are rarely recognised on a conscious level, so most people can remain unaware of their presence and of the undermining impact they have on different aspects of their life.

    No change can be achieved unless the reasons for the behaviour needing to be changed are at first recognised and consequently dealt with, and any resolution will only result in change if the person recognises their deep spiritual, mental and emotional needs beyond merely their physical ones. Healing past wounds and trauma and consciously changing negative self-belief systems on all of these four levels will be significantly more effective in lifting the blockages that have originally caused self-sabotaging behaviour such as smoking, comfort-eating or drug-taking. If the blockages are not dealt with then the likelihood that the person will stop these behaviours are very small. This is because the vibration of the blockages which may stem from trauma, lack of self-love, disconnection etc. are so much lower than the vibration of improvement. The lower vibration will eventually drag the higher energy down to its own level and the attempt at change will ultimately fail.

    Dealing with past trauma and self-sabotaging belief systems can be confronting and quite traumatic in themselves. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, however, then the only way forward is to heal the ghosts of the past. So, the message is simple: you must heal the reason for the behaviour you wish to change before implementing the action of change.

    I AM Master Kathumi














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  • Accurate, Compassionate, Life-Changing

    Feeling blessed to have the gift of Reiki bestowed upon me. Many thanks to this inspiring lady, my spiritual teacher, Victoria Cochrane. Victoria Cochrane. I really enjoyed today. You’re a wonderful teacher. I appreciate your time and energy. Lauren 16/8/15

    I wanted to write and say thank you for your amazing wisdom….a thought came to me about the air we breathe and God and I googled it and landed on one of your teachings. Thank you for sharing your gift and confirming that I’m on the right path.
    Cheers, Elizabeth 11/8/15

    Reaching Out Spiritual News


    I wanted to tell you that I found your blog through Pauline Battell and you are so inspiring. I stayed up until I read every post. You have been in inspiration in just a few hours and the service you give to the world is immeasurable. Sending you love and light. Karina 4/8/15

    I just wanted to send a message to let you know how wonderful I think you are. Since the work you did with me (was that really close to 2 years ago?) I’ve made a lot of progress, both emotionally and spiritually, and I just wanted to thank you. I wouldn’t have given myself permission to hold off on my holiday until I was ready or pushed myself to do it when doubt started to creep in, and it was your work with me that go the ball rolling.” FS, 15/11/14

    “I was fortunate to come into contact with Tor last year as I was embarking on a more spiritual path. She has given me some incredible healings which have enabled me to move forward at each stage. However a few issues kept recurring, albeit at a deeper level. On Monday I had a session with Tor and she looked into these issues regarding helping others and accepting money, which were also manifesting in my physical body. Belief testing uncovered some very deeply held beliefs which were preventing me from moving forward. They were quite confronting as my mind yelled No, while my testing responded Yes. They were: “I am a fraud” and “I am a liar”. Tor asked me to put a ball of white light around myself as these beliefs were quite upsetting and went against what I consciously thought about myself. Tor worked with Creator and removed and replaced these beliefs. We tested again but found they still held true.  Tor explored more and consulted Creator and discovered I was of the belief that I was responsible for healing the whole world! It came as quite a shock to me, despite my often saying “I want to heal everyone”. I had no idea I meant that literally. After laughing at the ridiculousness of that enormous task, Tor asked me to test if I felt I was (capable? I think it was) of doing it. Yes. Well, at least I believed in myself. Tor again worked with Creator to remove and replace this belief, and others, with a few other beliefs. The process was amazing. I felt them being implemented in my shoulders, neck, spine, hips and in my sense of self. I felt like the world had been lifted from my shoulders – which it had! Since then I’ve felt so light and calm, clear and focused about my path. I have accepted that an exchange of energies is needed to honour and respect my profession. I am so thankful of Tor’s gifts as, without them, I would not be able to explore mine and reach my full potential. ~ Lisa”

    ‘Victoria’s gifts are many and she is one of the purest channels I have had the
    pleasure of meeting. My session with her was, powerful, positive, cleansing and
    rejuvenating. I will definitely be back for more and will spread the word about
    this gifted and gorgeous lady. Thanks once again ‘Tor xox.” K, 31/8/2012

    “So just for a quick brief Victoria fixed within half hour to an hour what four doctors couldn’t in eight or more months. I give the biggest thanks to Victoria, her teachers and the higher beings that assisted in my healing.Thank you.”

    “Dear Victoria,
    Received your email with readings for myself and family. Your ability to read via an email amazes me, you are truly gifted, everything you spoke about made sense and was so true.
    I’m sure you have helped me understand a lot that has been on my mind, many thanks and appreciation to you, may you always be blessed in what you do.”
    Robyn, 5/1/113

    “Dear ‘Tor
    There is a lot to absorb in your book so it really deserves another reading. There are several messages in particular that really spoke to me (for want of a better expression), and I’ve done a bit of underlining for easy reference.
    Couldn’t list them all but egs:
    – “when knowledge is shared it leads to the
    greater good” and the evolution of souls.
    – activate chakras to prepare for
    ascension or you’ll “experience sickness, dizziness and aching”. There have been
    an awful lot of lingering flu like symptoms around! What can I do to activate
    – the Violet Flame and amethyst (of course).
    Thank you for sharing your great gifts Tor – You have really lit the way for me
    in ways I could never have imagined!!” Beccy, 28/2/13



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  • Victoria Cochrane is an Advanced Theta (TM) Healer and Reiki Master who connects with Divine Energy to witness powerful healings, channel messages from spirit and to give accurate psychic readings. She reads Tarot and Angel cards, can connect to passed over loved ones and return to people’s past lives to affect healings that then allow them to be healed in this life.Victoria can perform readings and healings either face-to-face or remotely, over the phone or on Skype. She is warm, friendly, compassionate and approachable.Victoria has channelled and published two books from the Masters of the Cosmic Council (available from online distributors). She teaches Spiritual Development Courses, runs a meditation group and works at psychic fairs and natural therapy expos. Click her name above to read her story.