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Victoria Cochrane


Victoria Cochrane is an Advanced Theta (TM) Healer and Reiki Master who connects with Divine Energy to witness powerful healings, channel messages from spirit and to give accurate psychic readings. She reads Tarot and Angel cards, can connect to passed over loved ones and return to people’s past lives to affect healings that then allow them to be healed in this life.

Readings and healings can be performed either face-to-face or remotely, over the phone or on Skype. Victoria publishes a monthly spiritual newsletter. Click on the menu tab, above right, to view or download the latest edition of Reaching Out Spiritual News on her newsletter page. You can also go to her channelings page and her blog about her third book.

Victoria has just co-released a visual meditation DVD with light-spectrum enthusiast, Gary Martin. To view a track from the DVD go to her blog on this website. To book Victoria for a reading or healing use the contact form below. She will get back to you promptly.



You an amazing gift to the world Tor. Your love, guidance, special gifts and compassion are limitless and send ripples out into the world, making it a much better place. You’ve made such a difference for me. My spiritual journey hasn’t been easy, as I’m sure it isn’t for anyone. Nothing worth doing comes easy 😉 Once again, my path feels halted while I deal with something all encompassing, though perhaps that is my path?
Thank you so much for making a huge difference in my life. You’ve helped me so very much and I’m eternally grateful for you. Lis x

I would like to say Thank You for the help you have given to our daughter through a very difficult time in her life. The original contact she made with you was for help over her feelings about me and an incident as a young woman in which she felt I had rather let her down! I was very thankful then that she ‘ asked for help ‘ and also that she kept in touch.Thank you once again.  Margaret

forgot to tell you im so shocked i didnt wake up screaming on my sleep last night what ever you done must of worked would love to come back and see you again you are the most lovely and loving caring person  ever and what you do is amazing 🙂 xox  AW

Morning Victoria! Thank you so much for the course this weekend. Your ability to hold the space, to offer so much love and support and the trust that I feel with you really helped facilitate some major breakthroughs for me. The theta healing you did was especially powerful for helping to release some of those deep core beliefs, and I not only physically feel those changes I can also seem them being reflected in my thoughts (or lack there of). I’ve never really been able to trust myself, as I haven’t felt connected to spirit and have been relying on the connection of others for guidance. Now I know I have all that within me and I trust that the connection will grow stronger every day. If you are still about would love to get to know you better over lunch to thank you in person for all of your help. Mel



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This Month’s Channelling is from Archangel Michael

When a human dies his/her spirit, carried by their soul, leaves his/her body and enters the light of the Creator. If his/her soul is willing they will pass beyond the veil and enter into the heavenly realms. The place where spirits reside is called the Fourth Plane. If there is something holding the spirit back they may choose not to pass over for a time, preferring to stay where they died in order to perhaps help their loved ones or to resolve an issue they left behind on Earth. If this happens they are caught between the Third and Fourth planes and are called ghosts. Their energy is higher than that of a human in physical form but much lower than that of a fully passed-over spirit. Some spirits remain as ghosts for hundreds of years, stuck in the energy in which they died. Others pass on more quickly, often with the help of humans who recognise their need to be shown the light. The Fourth Plane is a place of learning. It has many levels and degrees of vibrations that are far too complicated to describe. However, the basic ‘rule of thumb’ is that the vibration of the person who died, that is, the way they lived their life and their general demeanour, whether they learnt the lessons they had chosen through their lifetime and the manner in which they died will greatly determine where in the Fourth Plane their energy will go and how much healing and subsequent learning they will need while they are there. The Fourth Plane is generally the place people access when they are seeking answers from spirit. It is certainly the place to look to speak to your passed-over loved ones and those whose lives you shared or that you know of through stories or the media. Spirits residing in the Fourth Plane come across as they were in life with the same personality and demeanour. Some may be more reflective and able to see the mistakes of the past while others will demonstrate a range of emotions such as resentful, gregarious, unrepentant, vicious, nasty, loving and passive… the list is large. If you know who you wish to contact then you will be fairly unsurprised at the response. However, if you contact the spirit world at random and with no specific person in mind, you could potentially unlock a Pandora’s box of massive proportions and find yourself under attack.

I encourage all beginners to seek out those professionals whose energies are high and whose purpose it is to assist them to contact the ethereal kingdom safely.

I AM Archangel Michael  VC

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