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    My healing room has moved to Wynyard!

    I will be taking appointments on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4-6 pm and Saturday mornings in the Champagne Realty building.

    Call me on 0417581107 to book or to discuss other appointment arrangements.

    Queenstown Psychic Fair

    Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April 2017

    West Coaster Motel, Batchelor St.

    I am excited to be visiting Queenstown and will be doing readings and healings. You will be able to book through the reader’s table.

    Tasmania’s Body and Soul Festival

    Friday 21st to 23rd April

    Albert Hall, Launceston

    I will be there all three days providing readings and healings.

    This Month’s Channelling is from: Jesus

    The Way of the Soul

    When souls are born they are full of excitement for the difference they will make on Earth. Yet, many are unprepared for the weight of the Third Dimensional vibration and they quickly lose their way. Drugs, alcohol, depression or, on the other hand, greed, wealth and the power that comes with the status of the rich can quickly transform their hearts and minds to selfishness and service of self rather than that of being in service, which is the way of the enlightened and more-evolved souls. Those who do lose their way can sometimes find their way back to their path through the intervention of their soul family, through religion or through their own strength of character and soul memories. Others, however, may choose to exit the Third Dimension and their current lifetime earlier than planned so that they can review their choices and come back to finish their purpose at a later time.

    Another way a soul’s life contract can be interrupted is through karmic intervention. The need to play out past-life karma stems from karmic intervention from another soul or as a result of karma one has created. If one has accumulated karma from a past life, they will meet with the soul or souls involved and plan how that karma will be replayed in the next lifetime. So, if a soul has been responsible for a single death, then the victim will instigate or facilitate a repayment of the contract in the next lifetime. However, if the soul has been responsible for a multitude of deaths, such as the holocaust or a bombing that takes innocent lives, the consequences are far more serious and lengthy in terms of lifetimes needing to be lived in order to repay the karmic debt. A soul who has lost their way in such a devastating way can spend thousands of extra lifetimes repaying every soul that was lost at their will. Karma involves the learning of lessons, but when a lesson is learnt at the loss of will and freedom to choose, the consequences are dire and lock the soul into the wheel of karma for as long as it takes to free themselves from the debt. Many tragedies that play out on Earth, then, are actually either souls choosing to leave of their own free will, souls playing out karma or souls leaving early as a result of karmic intervention from another.

    All humans are on a soul journey from lifetime to lifetime. Earth is the stage where souls learn their lessons towards evolvement and enlightenment. Many of you have lived countless lives and have left a large soul imprint within the fabric of consciousness that is woven between dimensions of time and space. Others have chosen to live less lifetimes in a human body but to learn larger lessons whilst in human form, meaning their lives may be hard, harsh, torturous, lonely or one of great disadvantage. If one leaves that lifetime having learnt those lessons, sometimes using them to help others, the evolution of the soul towards mastery will be expedient. However, if during a difficult lifetime the soul loses their way the opportunity for learning may be lost and the evolvement of the soul may take one or several more lifetimes.   Victoria Cochrane

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  • I would like to let anyone who is considering working with Victoria; GO FOR IT! She is absolutely a genuine channel and clairvoyant and very wise. Her hands make my body hot and tingly as she heals my pain. Read her channelled books; they are lovely and wise. Victoria was recommended to me by my chiropractor when I burst into tears in his office. I was suffering from grief and C-PTSD and regular panic attacks. My life was in tatters. Victoria helped me to release a partner who I was in a toxic, co-dependent relationship.Victoria has given me the courage to say enough, and stand up for myself. She also helped me feel better about going no contact with my narcissistic alcoholic mother and enabling and controlling father … It has been THE most difficult time of my life and not surprising … I have Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon … with the Supermoon in Aries and Black Moon Scorpio, my whole world was given a WHACK! I was so stressed out and anxious I could barely function like a human being.

    I have had a few sessions with Victoria now. The first one gave me closure with my dear brother who passed on, who came through to congratulate me for finally standing up for myself and start to love myself unconditionally. She also helped me to clear up karmic contracts from previous lives and agreements and to cut ties with negative people and family members still in my life, and to remove psychic attacks and drains on me. The second session she started clearing my chakras and did a very clear reading for me. The message to write again is coming through again and again, so I hope to work with Victoria on writing about overcoming C-PTSD and abuse.

    The final session was on the eve of the Super Full Moon in Taurus (the biggest supermoon in 75 years) and she did miracles. I had been unable to breathe after a terrible argument and break up with my ex … and had no will to live. In one session she pulled out so much YUCK from my body, soul and mind … I felt much much lighter afterwards.

    Without Victoria I would not have got through this very difficult time. She has even given me free sessions, trusting I will pay her when I have the money. I did manage to pay her for some, and I intend to continue working with her in the future if she is! I know I have a lot of ‘stuff’.

    Thank you Victoria, you are an angel!

    Love Harriet




Please contact me if you wish to book a reading or healing. I do not give free consultations or answers.


  • Victoria Cochrane is an Advanced Theta (TM) Healer and Reiki Master who connects with Divine Energy to witness powerful healings, channel messages from spirit and to give accurate psychic readings. She reads Tarot and Angel cards, can connect to passed over loved ones and return to people’s past lives to affect healings that then allow them to be healed in this life.Victoria can perform readings and healings either face-to-face or remotely, over the phone or on Skype. She is warm, friendly, compassionate and approachable.Victoria has channelled and published two books from the Masters of the Cosmic Council (available from online distributors). She teaches Spiritual Development Courses, runs a meditation group and works at psychic fairs and natural therapy expos. Click her name above to read her story.